Spirit’s Seasons, A Series – Basketball, Episode IV

THE FIRST THIRD of the season remained good for the Bobcats because they surprised the next four western division teams. Tyee averaged 21 points per game and Larry averaged 13 rebounds and 11 points per game. Sylix also earned a double-double average of 10 assists and 11 points per game. But the true test would come, as the Bobcats faced each of the six Eastern Division members before the end of the season by playing the Western Division teams a second time. There would also be four challenging non-competition games in between.

The first race in the transition was with St. Peter's Patriots shortly before Christmas holidays. It was the last league game before the break. The Pats had big figures at their school. They were the largest 1B school in the state and their managers would certainly keep those figures under the 2B mark. They had dominated the competition for several years and won the state championship two of the last six seasons. This would be a particularly tough race at the edge of Spokane.

Both boys and girls drove in the larger, medium-sized bus. Three hours later the teams arrived in Greenacres, a suburb of Spokane Valley. Spirit, Abel, and the boys watched attentively how their classmates dominated the Lady Pats three-quarters. Spirit beckoned his team to go to the locker room. After the boys had adjusted, Spirit told them: "I only expect from you that you will bring your best for 32 minutes." We all know that this is a difficult team, but do not pay attention to the scoreboard. can give these guys a good game, a close game, and maybe we can just catch them, surprise them and keep them undefeated! "

The boys formed a truncated tunnel to congratulate the victorious girls, and Warmups began with slow lay-ins, defensive teams, a three-layer cross section, then a 3-on-2 exercise and ended with free shots. Bobcat takes a look at the new 6 & # 39; 6 "posts player for the Pats. Spirit studied him carefully and suspected that the boy was ready for the college ball.

The game seemed to last forever. Halftime the Sinkiuse boys found down 41-22. In the third quarter, Spirit begged the referees: "Hey, say a foul in the home team, even if it breaks down, we get dirty." You're terrible, pull your head out! "He yelled out loud and the gym was silent for a moment.

The officer of the bank admonished Spirit to be cautious and threatened, but did not call, a technical mistake. And the coach realized that he wanted a He especially emphasized sportsmanship and now he had ignored his own words, headaches and Spirit was silent during the rest of the game Abel called a time out Spirit has excused his boys and tried their mood The game ended graciously and after a quiet time in the locker room the teams were on their way home.

Coach Kanaskat sat opposite Spirit on the way home. With a record of 6-0, Karen tried to curb herself and strengthen the mood of Coach Sintasket. She was a respected member of the community, her husband was an old councilor and Spirit admired the teaching techniques and coaching skills of the coach in volleyball and basketball. Karen asked, "Have you talked to Kay lately?" [19659002] "No, I've tried to contact her many times, but no, I do not, do you have?"

"Well, I usually talk to her once or twice a month and I visit her for a girls' weekend about once or twice a year, you know she still loves you, Spirit, she talks about you and asks you about you. "

" Huh, she has a strange way to show love. it with her? "

" It's her way, she is proud of her work and feels worthy of her contributions, she knows it's the same for you and she has accepted it to be like that. "[19659002] Spirit remained silent, deep in thought for the rest of the journey home.

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