Seven Techniques To Attract The People You Like

Man is a social animal. We have often heard this expression until it is a cliché. We are so dependent on each other that we can not live alone. The interaction with others also determines how fast you can get ahead in your career and in other areas. Whatever you do, you still need to contact other people on a regular basis. The people you have met, however, can be of different backgrounds and have different characters. Some of them are good and some are bad, depending on your opinion about them. In this article we will talk about how you can attract people that you enjoy in your life.

What is the type of person we love most? From research into human behavior we have discovered that people like people who look like themselves. Usually closed friends share some of the common interest or background or habits. Spouses also have something in common. At the same time, we will be appreciated by others if we have something in common with them. The most important point here is how we will do that. Seven techniques can help you align yourself and attract the people you love into your life.

1. Dress well

Our appearance is what people see in the first place. You must ensure that you dress according to the protocol. You need to know exactly what is considered good at the place you are going. Your right dress can make a good impression for the people you see.

2. Watch your speech

Talk with confidence. People love and admire the person with a high self-esteem and is confident. Have a nice chat with everyone, regardless of the status they are in. Do not gossip. Gossiping can easily destroy your credibility.

3. Look in the eyes of the people you like and smile

When you smile, you open your invitation to people. It is almost a reflex and when you see people smile at you, you smile back. This happens in almost every society. Looking at your counterpart in the eyes of your counterpart is revealing your sincerity.

4. Speak something that they like

When you have a conversation, make sure that what you are talking about is the subject of interest of the person you are talking to. How do you know that? You ask questions. By asking right questions, you will know much more about the person you are talking to. Do not talk about yourself, but talk more about them instead. You can share part of your story, but let's not make it the top priority. You are there to learn about other people not to show that you are competent or something. You will find that people like you appreciate more when you talk about what they like.

5. Listen and wait for the rhythm

The conversation is like the music. You have to listen more to get the joy out of it. Some people say we have two ears and one mouth because we have to listen more than we talk. This is a good explanation. If you listen more and wait for the correct comment to be added, you will have a better impression than when you are talking all the time.

6. Match and mirror

Do you remember that people like people who look like them? We can use the theory by doing what they do. You can imitate their gesture, tone and the expression on their faces. If you do exactly the same, it is called matching. If you imitate as you look in the mirror, it is called mirroring. Both can be an electric tool to use. Do not make it so obvious that they catch you to do this. Make it in an optimal way and you will be surprised by the result you get.

7. Visualization

Before you go out, you must visualize that you meet the people you want to meet. Make visualization that you achieve what you want and can get who you want to do exactly as you want them to do. Visualization can help you attract the people you enjoy in your life. You can add Attraction Accelerator, this is background audio to enhance the power of your attraction process.

To get to know the people you like is not that difficult. Seven techniques can help you attract people that you like within a few minutes.

Source by Jim Somchai

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