Leveraging Emoji for Your Business

You do or do not understand anything about emoji. If you understand how you use emoji (and use it regularly), you may think that they can only be used for personal messages. Emoji can also be very effective and relevant for your company.

Use emoji on the social networks you designate

No matter what social networks you work with, emoji improves each of these and the results you are searching for will ultimately be better than if you do not have them used. The truth is that emoji attracts people. In fact, they are really an important part of every online content marketing campaign. The trick is to learn as a business owner how to use it appropriately for maximum results.

Emoji supports your brand if you know how to use it correctly. Of course, the perception that you have hopefully built is that your brand is the one that others choose when they need what you offer. If you choose to use emoji (which is a very good decision), you have to make sure that you use them in a way that really reinforces your brand, instead of distracting it. That is exactly why you have to learn how to use them in the right way.

Emoji are not just for decorative purposes. They have specific meanings. If you want to transfer a concept that matches what you are trying to say in your content marketing materials, you need to find the emoji that means what you want them to mean. That only costs a bit of training. You can be very quickly aware of the meanings of emoji. Moreover, you will probably notice that it is very nice to use emoji in your company.

Engage your audience with emoji

If you communicate in real time, emoji can be really effective. If you use them, the other person will show that you are a human, just as they are. Emoji makes the content real and the chances are great that the other reacts emotionally to what you communicate. Because emoji are graphical elements, they enable you to stretch your creative wings. They not only allow you to express your emotional side, but that human quality also includes your brand. That is something that other people can certainly identify with.

As expressive and all-encompassing as emoji for the person on the other, it is still important to keep in mind that not everyone (universally) understands all the emoji you may share with them. It is important that you are sensitive to it, so that you do not leave anyone behind when it comes to the content you share. If you keep it simple and as universal as possible, it should be fine. The worst thing you can do is use emoji that the other person does not understand and is then omitted from what you are trying to say. After all, you want the other person to really be able to embrace what you share with him or her. Do not forget to be as clear as possible to avoid communication problems.

Be careful with special emoji

Some business owners complete their content marketing campaigns with custom emoji. You want to be careful with how you use it. The reason for the warning is the same as previously discussed. The point is whether the other person will understand what you are trying to say. It is very important that you do not leave the other person. If there is even the most remote possibility that this happens, you have to make sure that it costs you something.

Be sensitive to when emoji are suitable and when not

The disadvantage of using emoji (if you donate them incorrectly and correctly) is that they might be misunderstood by the person at the receiving side. The rule of thumb is that you must be absolutely certain that your emoji shows exactly what you want them to convey. In this way there is no margin for errors. When using emoji, the demographic aspects of your target group are big factors. It goes without saying that your emoji must be suitable in all ways for that specific target group.


If you are not used to using emoji for your business, it may seem weird or even unnecessary. However, using emoji can be a very smart move for your brand. Moreover, they help you build the perception that your brand has human qualities. Of course there is also the obvious, namely that emoji makes your content visually attractive. Before you do anything else, you need to inform yourself about how powerful emoji can be and then you can decide whether emoji is an intelligent move for your brand and for your business.

Source by Michael Cohn

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