Gaining Extreme Wisdom

Peter played a word association game when he walked alone. This time he found a link between & # 39; card & # 39; and & # 39; delicious turkey. & # 39; He sat under an oak tree and was amazed when he discovered the strong link between & # 39; folder & # 39; and & # 39; difficult to swallow and certainly not delicious. & # 39;

He was still hungry, and as far as he knew, his long journey had not brought him closer to the Kingdom of Freebeer. With the disappearance of the card he did not know what to do. After some thought, he figured he had to rely on his abdomen for once. Now it had a card and everything.

So he continued through the Dorytory territory, around the grotto of Lisa "the mentally stable", through the kingdom of Freebeer, and along Little Wet River, where he finally stopped to have some water. An extremely wise man walked along the shore and Peter tried to share his frustration with him.

"I'm looking for Freebeer Can you help me?"

The extraordinarily wise man clenched his fists and trembled. After a while he closed his eyes and told a story:

"Nick had an intense passion for groundbreaking work, he was convinced that, to be a good pioneer, he had to walk like a penguin and talk like A parrot, Yeees, yeees, Peekaboo, Nickey pretty-boy As you probably understand now, Nick clearly runs his course and talks his story. "

The extraordinarily wise man opened his eyes and took a deep breath. "The end," he called.

Peter thought for a moment. "Are you saying I'm Nick?"

"The end," the very wise man shouted hurriedly as he disappeared into the river.

Peter bowed his head and turned away from the river. "Petey pretty-boy?" he suggested weakly. Then he left for the forest and took a peripheral walk.

The extraordinarily wise man looked from a ledge above the river. He wrote in his book of extreme wisdom: "He who searches for free beer will find nothing but my wisdom."

Source by Roland DiMaggio

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